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Check out our new Support Center

by chris rodriguez on September 5, 2014

I am glad to announce our new support center is now live and can be accessed here. I am really pleased that we brought everything in house to support our customers in a new way. We provided a few things through third parties like our ticketing system and documentation through ZenDesk. This solution is better for our bottom line because our support center can be accessed all in one place. We provide users to be able to actually see previous questions asked from customers and our new documentation and faq is easier to search and access. We are happy our support center provides these new feature for customers to access and be able to see through a cleaner interface. We also provide the feature for users to be able to also access their questions asked within their account page here.

I am really happy to provide these features in-house for our new support center.

  • Documentation and FAQ for easy setup and access to general questions
  • Questions to be able to view other users problems and access their status within their account page
  • Search feature to see documents, videos, and questions all in one place
  • Access videos relating to setup, installation, and troubleshoot.

These new features will help our customers find their questions faster and be able to access an easy to navigate interface that allows them to view information in a new way. We are glad to provide this and create a better customer experience overall. This will help our customers in our new support center and attract new customers in general.

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