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Five huge web design trends for 2016

by chris rodriguez on January 14, 2016

Web design trends is a constantly evolving industry. Every year, new trends emerge to change the way that people experience the web. This year has brought many web design trends to the world. These are some of the biggest trends to emerge this year.

1. Long scrolling site

For years, designers believed that scrolling was unnecessary and deterred users from a site. Mobile users have emerged as a major source of traffic. In 2014, sixty percent of all traffic came from mobile devices. These mobile devices feature smaller screens, which benefit from scrolling pages. Web designers have included more navigation links, allowing people to enjoy the site without being confused. Long scrolling sites also enable long form stories to emerge. Web designers must embrace the mobile browsing trend and implement long scrolling sites.

5 web design trends 2016

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2. Cards

Cards are becoming increasingly important in web design. Not playing cards, but a card-style layout. Traditional web design included clickable images and hyperlinks. This design is not ideal for mobile users. Cards are clickable and simple when users click on the card the entire card pops up. A card will include text, a picture, and reviews. Pinterest is a classic example of a card-based interface. On Pinterest, Cards are arranged in rows in columns, which can quickly adjust to screen size making cards ideal for mobile users. One important note is that the space between cards should be clearly defined, making it easy for visitors to navigate the page. Implementing cards on your page is an excellent way to streamline your page.

5 web design trends 2016

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3. Minimalist design

Minimalism has gone in and out of style several times in the past. Recently, minimalism has been credited with helping web pages grow. The appeal of minimalism is the simplicity. A minimalist page will include only what the user needs. For example, consider the Cove web page. Notice how visitors are not overwhelmed with options when they arrive on the page. Visitors are invited to join an e-mail list and reserve the product, but the majority of the page space is occupied by a picture of the product. Implementing a minimalist design is not difficult, often you just need a basic menu with an image in the background. You can also include slide-outs to transform a minimalist page into whatever the user needs.

5 web design trends 2016

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4. Animations

Motion naturally attracts your attention. Over the past year, websites have begun adding animations to their pages to grab people’s attention. Animations can be applied to several areas of a web page. For example, loading animations keep people’s attention, while informing them of the status of the page. Introductory animations invite people to explore your page. Even long scrolling sites use animations to give a better scrolling experience. Most importantly, animations help your web page stand out. Ory animation states that many sites are founded every day, but only a few think to incorporate animations. Pages that include animations are sure to stand out. Alfred Service is a great example of a site that utilizes animations to smooth out transitions and draw in visitors. Incorporating animations can take your page to the next level.

5 web design trends 2016

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5. High-definition backgrounds

The growth of HD devices browsing the web has increased the need for high-definition backgrounds. Today, almost every computer has an HD display.Standard definition images appear blocky on HD screens, so web designers have started upgrading their pages. HD backgrounds must look good, so web designers are wise to hire a graphic designer to create an HD quality background. High-definition backgrounds are changing the way web design looks for the better.

5 web design trends 2016

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Web design is always evolving. Web designers must keep up with the latest trends in design, and utilize these trends on their page. If you are hoping to take your page to the next level, then you should implement these trends on your web pages. Keep checking this site for new and exciting tips on web design. Let me know of a trending web design pattern that you see in the comments section, looking forward to your responses.

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