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Merchant: Theme Release

by chris rodriguez on June 26, 2015

We’re proud to introduce you to the new Merchant theme for WordPress. If you are opening an online store and want an attractive, appealing, and seamless experience for your customers, this is the theme for you. It is specifically designed for you to display and/or sell your products on your own website. You will find that Merchant comes with all the things any online retailer will need. It is a complete solution for all of your online e-commerce needs.

We know you are going to love Merchant. These are the features that let it stand out from other ecommerce themes and make it a winner.


This extraordinary WordPress template fully supports WooCommerce. WooCommerce is the most popular solution for selling for online merchants who use WordPress themes.

Shop Features to Covet

This eCommerce theme comes with many features that make selling products from your website simple. Some of these outstanding features include ajax filters, catalog mode, and a wish list (very similar to the Wish List Amazon uses on its site, where your visitors can save products they want and share their lists with friends and family).

Sharrre Support

Social media is an integral part of promoting your website and products these days. Sharing the content on your site on social media sites gets you more fans and those fans turn into customers. Merchant supports Sharrre…in fact, it’s included…and it is perfect for sharing your content on social media. Sharrre gives you high resolution share buttons and counts for every article on your site, so you’ll know how many times they’ve been shared. If you don’t like using social media, just disable the buttons. It’s simple!

Many Different Customizable Styles

Merchant allows you to make your website look the way you want it to look. You can customize all the colors, text, logos, headers, and link colors to match your company’s brand, or just your own personal preferences.

Listing of Different Product Types


With this eCommerce template for WordPress, you can list all kinds of product types. Some of the product types supported for display with Merchant include:

  • Groups
  • Digital
  • Simple
  • External
  • Variable
  • On sale
  • Out of stock
  • And more


Your customers can zoom in on your products on the product detail page with Merchant. This gives them the opportunity to get a better look at what they’re thinking they may want to buy. It really helps boost sales!

Numerous Layout Choices

You get a variety of layout choices with Merchant. Choose to put your sidebars on either the right or left of the page, choose to have more than one sidebar, and even change the sidebar layouts on each individual post and page on your website. Merchant is all about giving you control over making your site what you need and want it to be in every way.

Ultra-Responsive Design

Everyone is going on about responsive web design these days. It is the latest trend in web design and consumers love it. So will your customers. Responsive design means they can easily view your site on any device. This includes traditional desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and phones of all kinds, with all makes and models of electronic devices supported. This will boost sales for you because your customers can shop wherever they are on any device they have handy.

Full Support for Child Themes

You want child theme support? You’ve got it with Merchant! Not only does it work perfectly with child themes, we even have one included in the Merchant package for you to use to your heart’s content. Use your child theme to make all the modifications to your style before your main site goes live, and save those modifications in case you decide you want to use them later.

These are just the main features you get with Merchant. There are almost too many additional customizable and supportive features to mention. If you are ready to take your e-commerce site to the highest level of success, you’ve got to get Merchant. It’s got all the tools you need to get there.


Another awesome feature is the shortcodes included. We allow different options with WooCommerce to add products wherever you want, and also display them differently. Whether its a full-width slider that’s touch friendly on mobile, or a slider that scrolls on click. We also allow you to use categories and display them in a more attractive way. Allow you also to use our normal shortcodes and style pages faster and easier than ever!

Layout Pages


We also include layout pages as a contact page with a google map and a contact form that is all handled in our theme options panel. Also some predefined layouts to get you started like a FAQ page, and About Us Page. This gives you some idea on what you are able to do. And check out the blog section for different post types to display content about your site in an attractive way.

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