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Video in Web Design: Ways to Bring Clarity to Your Brand

by chris rodriguez on January 28, 2016

Because we live in such a visual culture, the use of videos in web design never wavers. It’s quickly evolving, though, to a point where the use of video isn’t what it used to look like. Back in the early website days, you simply saw a crudely embedded video on a homepage to introduce people to a business or product.

While you still see some of that, first impressions are everything today. The aesthetic quality of a web design can help someone make a quicker decision to buy from you over a competing site.

It’s why videos are still relevant in all site design. But how should you integrate them into your design so they don’t look obtrusive? Also, what kind of content should you use so you give more clarity to your branded message?

With some recent new trends on video usage, you have ways to tell a better story about what you do.


video web design

Photo Credit Onirim

Introductory Videos

As you can see with some recent award-winning videos on various professional sites, it’s essential to bring a compelling sense of design. Many of the videos in that link have introductory still images that look like web design on their own.

The days of clumsy embedded YouTube videos meant a giant “Play” button over the still image. Now you can make the initial image people see on a video look like a painting. When placing an introductory video on your homepage, think about the video’s first frame and what it’ll look like in context with your surrounding design.

By using the same design concepts for your site and video, you bring more visual cohesiveness. Your video won’t look out-of-place this way. Even so, make sure your play button is still easily visible so users won’t think the video is a still image.


video web design

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Background Videos

Since videos are all about telling a story, you can bring a more interesting angle to this by using background videos. Many more websites are using this design trend to fill up background space.

While using these videos needs discretion, you can see many examples online of the ambiance it creates. Places like PayPal still use full background videos to tell about what they do without using words (or even sound).

Trying experimenting with a quick, non-audio video narrative that communicates your business essence. It’s a creative challenge, yet worth the effort. Having it fill the screen compels the first-time visitor to watch as if viewing a short movie on Netflix.


video web design

Photo Credit The Revenant

Breaking Videos Up into Segments

A major faux pas in embedding videos is providing too many at once. You don’t want videos getting in the way of other pertinent information. It’s why if you have to provide extensive educative information about something in your industry, it’s best to break up your videos into segments.

Placing those videos on separate pages is better than providing the entire series in one section of your homepage. In many ways, you can provide better SEO this way when you properly optimize your videos.


Smart Video Optimization

Forbes once wrote on how important optimizing is for video to get your videos found. Research which keywords are the most popular and incorporate those into the video description. The latter needs thoroughness so search engines can find the keywords. This includes a memorable and non-generic title.

Don’t forget to include tags with key phrases and keywords so Google can properly categorize the content. A video description is just as essential, including the use of unique keywords to make it easier to find online. Consider writing a transcript of your video in the description to enhance your optimization.

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