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Website Update

by chris rodriguez on July 9, 2013

Well I would like to say I am liking this new website update. I have a vision for the older version of this website but it was more costly with a jquery based animation background with flames and the new logo needed me to brand it accordingly.

I added a more branded look to the website for a number of reasons. I based due to the logo that I had someone contracted through Out of over 110 drafts I choose this one. I then had to do some edits with typography and color, minor edits to an already good looking logo.

I thought the next thing to do was to edit the website and update it to the new version. I saw a number of different websites switching to a more flat web based design ui, but I thought it wouldn’t be appropriate to make it that way but have a hybrid of different types of ui to make the whole experience more enjoyable.

Changing the front page was a challenge and remove the gradient borders were a challenge on what to replace it with. I looked at a number of websites for design inspiration and thought using a big captivating image of m theme in different devices with links would do the trick and add a solid grey scale to the header and the background of the image was a good idea.

The footer was also a challenge because the old footer was suited to a more 960px width and font-size was smaller to make it appropriate. Looking at different websites on footer inspiration, I thought I brand it and be creative by adding WD logos in different aspect ratios and visibility percentages in the background. I thought this would have a more branded look throughout the whole website and make it more appealing.

Next was changing the header sub-menu to be a pop up arrow on only the home page while keeping it consistent to the original design of a dropdown under a border and shadow on the first li. It was easy to just add a before within the ul submenu class to add an arrow with css 3.0.

Overall changing the whole website updating it to the new version took me all day to do and was a challenge to brand it with the new design logo. Branding also the social media on twitter was easy after I got the visually aesthetics on the new website. This will help me later with creating a market brand that is recognizable to market to customers.

I also decided to make website responsive. It was a challenge to make it responsive and doing the research on different approaches and methods to it was a little bit tricky. I decided to go with certain widths scales to make it universally appealing to all browser dimensions whether on ipad, or iphone, etc. thought this is an added addition to make the website complete.

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