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WordPress themes affiliate program just released!

by chris rodriguez on November 18, 2015

It was introduced to have an affiliate program as a way of getting new users to see our premium WordPress themes. We thought it was a great idea as a means to traffic and market our products by incentives and creating material. We decided to release a program that was competitive and provide the most value to our affiliates. We provide an easy setup process and how we track traffic from referrals. In 3 easy steps you can get started, by signing up all your have to do is the following.

  • Pick from a range of creatives assets.
  • Place one of the ads on your website, we track them.
  • Earn a commission when we get a sale.

The program is free and its really that simple to join our affiliate program. From the easy process we also provide:

  1. 50% commission per sale
  2. 5% on affiliates you refer
  3. 5%+ to top producers
  4. Monthly auto-deposit
  5. 60 day cookie tracking

This is probably the most generous program out there, and its highly competitive, you will not find another WordPress Affiliate Program with all these features all in one. And since our program just started there is room for growth. So there will be more creatives added in the future, mailers that would send out focused content related to seasonal ads and coupons, including any more features we feel is appropriate will be added. This is a huge undertaking and we got it right. There are a lot of other solutions out there, but taking this to a 3rd party where is automated and convenient for all.

If you are interested in signing up please click here to get started.

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