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Our themes are built to exceed and impress. This is built on-top of WordPress native functionality, and features not included in WordPress alone.

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  • Typography – We make it an art and technique to arrange typefaces, point size, line length, line spacing, etc. in order to make the language it forms most appealing to transparent learning and recognition. Choose from over 600 Google fonts. Legible, and arranged line proportion. Options to adjust and change font style, and size.
  • Proportion – We focus on creating a sense of beauty, especially in styles of design such as “flat” design, where there are fewer graphic effects to rely on for making a design attractive. Use a 12 column grid to easily build layouts. Use a 3/4 methodology for fonts.
  • Visual Hierarchy – We build effective web templates to allow you to clearly communicate your ideas to viewers without losing their attention. Maximize readability with basic hierarchy standards. Determine size, alignment, repetition, and proximity.
  • Color – Allowing the user and or developer to change colors without interfering with overall design aesthetics. Change colors on practically everything. Use color pallets and or predefined color skins. From fonts to backgrounds, you can change it.
  • User Experience – We hold high standards to maximize all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products when using our themes. Giving different options with layouts and schema. Adjusts according to browser width to increase interaction.
  • Geometry – Designing our themes to maximize content legibility, delivery, and formation by shaping your content based on importance. Options to customize layouts, fonts, backgrounds, etc. Every theme includes font awesome icons. Giving you different page template when selecting layouts.


  • Customize Layouts – Quickly customize the layout, colors, and styles within minutes. Allowing you to create unique websites for many purposes if need be. Create custom layouts easily, no exp. necessary. Layouts perfect for proportion and aesthetic appeal. Great tools to make building pages faster.
  • Change Backgrounds – Easily use images, patterns, and colors in several different areas of your site. You can customize the background in different areas of your theme. Image uploader for backgrounds and page title. From patterns to backgrounds, change with ease.
  • Unlimited Colors/Skins – Backend color selectors so you can easily change the color throughout the entire theme. Choose from light to dark skin, as well as predefined color skins. Change colors easily on fonts, backgrounds, etc. Choose from predefined to custom styles easily.
  • Pre-Built Layouts – We have assembled dozens of page layouts that you can use quickly get started. Different layouts for your home page, blog, portfolio, etc. Giving you more flexbility when starting out. Easily apply our layouts to build pages even faster. Giving you more control and options when getting started.
  • Boxed/Wide Layouts – Easily choose from a wide to boxed layout in the advanced admin panel. We also give the ability to have a custom image, color or pattern in the background sections. Add extra options to add aesthetic value. Apply any kind of image type to your backgrounds.
  • Advanced Options – Be able customize from a wide selection of features included in your theme, including options to take advantage of each feature. Customization ability that gives you options. Freedom to have it to your specifications. Including the best features in every theme.
  • Custom Page/Post Meta – Custom post options make it easily to customize your content for each page, blog, portfolio, etc. Apply sliders, backgrounds, colors, categories, custom image sizes just to name a few. Giving you more control on pages/posts. Adding extra functionality where it counts.
  • Custom Styles – If you need even more customization, you can easily add custom CSS directly from your theme options panel without editing core files, those CSS styles will overwrite them automatically. Will not be lost when upgrading your theme. No need to edit core theme files directly.

Developer Friendly

  • Organized File System – Easy to understand and organized to find assets faster. Created a sorted file system to find files faster based on easy naming conventions and file system. Easy to find files and edit them with ease. CSS, JS, and PHP files are in an organized fashion. Features within your theme organized for easy access.
  • Optimized Code Structure – We organize and use the most efficient coding structure without sacrificing speed and load time. We strive to improve theme performance and functionality with fast load time. Increase performance and load time. Use best practices and latest standards.
  • Compact & Lean – Well built, designed, easy to read, and tested thoroughly throughout the development process, well structured code that follows SOLID design principles. Modularized and tested in production. Commented functions for developers to see. Built to run when used, not used everywhere.
  • Code Consistency – Our code runs a consistent PHP syntax standard. Allowing easy to read and understand code structure for easy development to build and or enhance your theme. Formatted coding conventions and style. Consistent coding style to aid readability.

Easy to Setup

  • Download – Every theme is easy to download through your account portal and or from your email receipt instantly upon purchase. Instantly be able to download your theme. Customize your theme’s features before download.
  • Install – Easy setup to install your theme with less frustration. Also use our guides to make the process even simpler and our customers happy. Guides to help you install your theme within seconds. Easy, simple, and fast turnaround.
  • Activate – Easy setup when activating your theme upon purchase. Once installed, access your license key through your email receipt and or account panel. Allows you to reuse your license key. Easily activate your theme on any website.
  • Build – Easy setup using our Demo Content, short-codes, and options panel. We make this process simple, easy, and fast for our customers. Import existing demo content for faster turnover. Easily create pages and layouts with our short-codes. Change colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc. with options panel.


  • 1 Click Upgrades – Receive constant tweaks and upgrades, and thanks to the in-built framework updater you can make sure you are running the latest version with the click of a button. Upgrade to the latest version with a click of a button. Won’t lose theme settings if you upgrade.
  • White Label Branding – Be able to make it your own by adding your own logo to the theme option’s panel, footer credits, etc. Everything you purchase is fully customizeable out of the box. Full white label customization. 100% control and flexibilty.
  • Shortcode Generator – Our Shortcode Generator is a pleasure to use and has an amazing user interface. Quickly and easily build pages using all the various shortcodes that we include with each theme. Every element in demo is included with your purchase. Offering tons of possibilities to unleash your creativity.
  • Powerful Admin Panel – Framework allows you simple and easy access to customize your theme and change multiple items within your theme. Be able to change the typography, background, etc. with over 100+ items. Customize your theme with ease. Awesome theme options framework. Automatic updates with a simple click.
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility – We’ve tested our themes to ensure they are compatible with all the modern web browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. They should also all be web standards compliant. We follow the latest browser rendering standards. Works on all modern browsers including IE.
  • Localization Ready – Come packaged with a language file for easy WordPress theme translations into your desired language – editing one neat little file without hunting down text in all our theme templates. Create your own language packs without a plugin. Easily translate your theme into any language.
  • Custom Page Templates – Our themes come packaged with a full width page template without the sidebar, and site map/archives page templates for efficient quick links to all the hidden posts and much more! Multiple page templates easy accessible and ready. Different problems solved with our page templates.
  • Tons of Fonts – We include over 500+ google fonts, and also standard fonts. In Theme Options you can easily customize font-size, font family, and font color for each and every font on the site. Choose vast variety of fonts and apply them anywhere. Even have the option of using them in post/page editor.
  • Retina Ready – Includes ultra sharp retina graphics that looks stunning across multiple media devices and other high resolution screens. All themes are retina ready out of the box. Replace images with higher resolution. Adds greater resolution to low density images.

Responsive Focused

  • Fluid Grids – The term grid brings to mind rigidity, an inflexible and stagnant system that doesn’t bend or move. However, our grid system has a variety of helpful benefits. Consistency in webpages, reducing CSS coding errors. Our grid makes iterating faster and easier. Organize elements, and control over the page.
  • Flexible Media – We make flexible images and videos responsive within our themes to the width and height of a screen, as well as every pixel density from low res to retina displays. Perfect for different types of users. Optimized for media rich content.
  • Desktops, Tablets, & Smartphones – Our themes adjust to screen size, orientation and pixel density with different devices making it perfect for users to view your content. Optimized our themes across multiple devices. Giving you a great customer experience.

SEO Optimized

  • Meta Tags – We contain information that describes your site’s purpose, description, and keywords used within your site for you automatically, great for search engines. Helps with indexing for latest search engines. Has everything needed to get on the ground running.
  • HTML5 Semantic Markup – Offers very clean code which is great for developers and SEO. We are advocates of optimization, clean code, and cutting edge technology in our themes. Brings improvements in usability and user experience. SEO-friendly to website crawling and indexing. Awesome for sites rich in media (audio & video).
  • Deferred JS Parsing – Functions that are not called at startup reduces the initial download size, allowing other resources to be downloaded in parallel, and speeding up execution and rendering time. Speeds up page load with parallel js loading. Faster execution time when building a website.
  • Minified HTML, CSS, & JS – Eliminating unnecessary bytes, such as extra spaces, line breaks, and indentation. Compacting HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can speed up downloading, parsing, and execution time. Generate an optimized version of your code. Great for users visiting your website. Faster load time can decrease bounce rate.
  • Lazy Load – Decrease load time in between pages with static assets that could increase load time in browser. Telling images to load at a specific break-point below the users view. This helps decrease load time significantly, especially with pages with lots of content and images, allowing users a faster page load experience.


  • Documentation – Offering our customers access to documentation to get started with their theme and setup of WordPress. Tons of articles and tips to make the most out of your purchase to get started faster. In-depth documentation for your theme and setup. Articles to help you get started faster.
  • Videos – We provide videos for our customers to see how to perform certain tasks from installation to setup, and also giving you a full understanding of how WordPress works and it’s different pieces. Learn the ins and outs of WordPress. See visually how everything is setup. Another avenue to get started faster.
  • Question Center – We provide a Q/A system for faster support and convienence for our customers facing issues, this allows them to be contacted directly through their email and allow us to resolve matters faster. Also, you will be able to search past tickets from users. Able to prioritize and resolve at a faster rate. Scalable to help our customers faster. Allow users to view their questions and the conversation.
  • Support Center – We provide everything in one place to access your tutorials, documentation, and tickets too. All the features above all in one place, making it quick and easy to get your project started faster. Access documents for your theme and setup. See videos to get started on your project. Create and view your tickets in one place.